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Ask The Deer Tracker

February 12, 2019


  February Column   Editor’s note: Anyone wishing to send a question for future “Ask The Deer Tracker” posts can e-mail it to,   Q. – Some years I find lots of tree rubs while other years there seems to be very few. Is there any explanation for this and why do bucks engage […]

The Death Knell

January 29, 2019


  Any sportsman who can kill his deer without the tingling spine, the quick clutch at his heart, the delicious trembling of nerve fibers when the game is finally down, has no place in the deer woods. – Shots at Whitetails/ Larry Kollor   Momentarily, I freeze in my tracks, listening intently to the scarcely […]

Mountain Ghost

January 15, 2019


(Guest blogger, friend and hunting partner of 33 years, Hart L. Daley recounts his incredible hunt from 2018)   The signs I read like a puzzle, putting each piece in its place, When unexpectedly I’ve closed the gap, And without warning the apparition takes shape. Time comes to a screeching halt, my moves become statuesque. […]

50 Years A Deer Hunter – What Have I Learned?

January 1, 2019


  A great hunt need not be measured in game harvested. It often results in the peace and tranquility of sitting motionless, feeling no more than the wind in your face and seeing autumn leaves dropping to the earth. – Primal Dreams     As I sat on my $9.99 tri-pod stool overlooking the largest […]

Fame, Notoriety and Prominence – Can and should they be considered for the deer hunter?

December 18, 2018


  It’s not always the size of the man or the magnitude of his determination that counts. It’s often the height of his hip boots. – Gene Wensel   Words have meaning. They leave impressions. And yet the careless pen waxes on about unrealistic feats in order to sensationalize and sell that which is usually […]

Gone For The Day

October 16, 2018


  It is this total silence that stirs your very soul with a deep sense of eerie loneliness. The absolute stillness brings you back vivid memories of past hunts, and you fully realize, that it is this very solitude that keys your anticipation and lures you back year after year. – Mer Speltz Change is […]

The Moon, Halloween, and Rutting Whitetails

October 2, 2018


  “Try as we have to disprove the hypothesis that the full moon triggers breeding, we have not been able to reject it. We have disproved the hypothesis that moon position has any real effect on activity.” Dr. James Kroll     A full moon rising on the eastern horizon reflecting light from a quickly […]