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An Uphill Battle

June 12, 2018


  It is with great pleasure I introduce my long-time friend and hunting partner, Hart ‘Silverback’ Daley as this week’s guest blogger. The following is his tale of an incredible hunt we shared this spring and the memories etched as a result.   May 14th was like Christmas Eve to me because May 15th would […]

Tracking Down Turkeys

May 29, 2018


  How the Deer Tracker Plied His Craft on 2018 Gobblers     A turkey is a species that responses to external stimuli, the very reason it is so fun to hunt them. Our job is not only to get the gobbler to respond, but to fool him into thinking that we are the very […]

Mid-Season Strut Zone

May 15, 2018


  “Every old hunter knows that a great chance comes just when apparently all chances are over and gone.” – Archibald Rutledge     The alarm was blaring way too early, at least that is how it seamed at an hour that no one should be awake. The morning ritual had now become all too […]

Does Size Really Matter?

May 1, 2018


  Beards, Spurs, Fish Tales & Tall Tines Combined ~ All relative to the entire outdoor experience.     Ended my season tonight; bird #1 was 19 lbs., 9 1/2-inch beard and 1-inch spurs, bird #2 was 20 lbs., 10-inch beard and 1 1/8-inch spurs! Two birds for the price of one, 40-yard shot, had […]

Ask The Deer Tracker

April 17, 2018


April Column     Editor’s note: Anyone wishing to send a question for future “Ask The Deer Tracker” posts can e-mail it to, Q. – Having a fascination with deer antlers, I am curious as to exactly when new antlers begin growing in the spring, if they all start at the same time, and […]

Taking A Stand

April 3, 2018


  “I won’t be wronged. I won’t be insulted. I won’t be laid a-hand on. I don’t do these things to other people, and I require the same from them.” – J. B. Books     No, this will not be about elevated perches, climbing into trees, ground blinds, stumps or any other place that […]

Fawns, The Gift of Spring

March 20, 2018


  How a doe’s nutrition plays a vital role in her offspring’s survival     The darlings of the spring come forth amidst a sea of blooming, multi-colored flora bedecked in their velveteen, spotted raiment to replenish the whitetail herd. Initially, these new recruitments face the first of many struggles in their effort to survive. […]