14 Hours

February 20, 2018


  “Many times I have thought that our deer hunters are becoming soft. The man who has the initiative to seek deer in the wilderness areas is the hunter who gains the most from his deer hunting. Tracking and still-hunting is becoming a lost art in many sections, primarily because of unfavorable local conditions but […]

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Ask The Deer Tracker

February 6, 2018


February Column   Editor’s note: Anyone wishing to send a question for future “Ask The Deer Tracker” posts can e-mail it to, rgbernier@gmail.com   Q. – I have hunted a specific mature buck for two-years now without success. I see him regularly during the summer and early fall, but once November arrives he is nowhere […]

The Lure of A Track

January 23, 2018


  Within the imprints laid out before you is a mystery to be solved, a charm to be experienced, and a prize to be had should you play it right.     The snow was soft, temperature cold and there was very little wind as we set off into an abyss of birch, aspen and […]

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Honoring A Deer Hunting Icon

January 9, 2018


Honoring A Deer Hunting Icon Charles J. Alsheimer 5/1/1947 ~ 12/30/2017 “I am still convinced we need heroes. The imperfections of humanity notwithstanding, our hearts hunger to be stimulated by examples of great character being modeled in everyday life. We are fortified by exemplary lives, especially those who have earned the right to be respected […]

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Dear Santa

December 26, 2017


Dear Santa All I want for Christmas is…     It would be implausible to think at my age that somewhere in the North Pole resides a man who annually, on the 24th of each December, treks around the globe delivering presents to all humanity. An even bigger stretch of this fantasy would be the […]

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Full Circle

December 12, 2017


When I was a boy of ten, antlered deer and hunting gear were all I cared for then.     “Wow”, I thought, “what a rub.” And as I have always done, I immediately began to imagine the size of the buck, his antler mass and tine configuration. The plot began as I started putting […]

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Gone For The Day

October 17, 2017


  There will always be, in the still-hunters memory, the song of a little mountain brook, discovered in his wanderings; the heart-stopping clutch as a magnificent buck bounds from a windfall hideaway; the triumphant moment when, by wits and woodsmanship alone, he has tracked down his whitetail buck and sent forth the well-placed shot that […]

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