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What Have We Become?

February 17, 2015


Guest blogger, Erich D. Long, owner of Drumming Log Wildlife Management, has written a refreshingly profound and timely blog on what we have become as deer hunters. I was so inspired by what he wrote that I invited Erich to share his latest blog here. Reader Beware, this could change your whole outlook on certain […]

Ask The Deer Tracker

February 3, 2015


  February Column   Editor’s note: Anyone wishing to send a question for future Ask The Deer Tracker posts can e-mail it to:    Q – I’ve enjoyed reading some of your responses in previous Ask the Deer Tracker posts. I have taken some tips from them as well. I am doing a project […]

Why Man Cannot Control Whitetail Densities

January 20, 2015


    “Despite their agility, speed, stealth, and incredibly acute senses, very few deer die of old age. They meet their fates early, and in ways that are nearly countless.” Al Cambronne – Deerland       “The path of the whitetail hangs in the balance and will be determined by you here at this […]

It’s Not About The Killing

January 6, 2015


   “Without the hunting, the killing would have no drama, no special meaning or value. Without the hunting, the killing would merely be the extinction of an animal, which would hold no special interest or appeal. The hunting, then, does not justify the killing. Rather, it gives the killing a meaning and value.” – Lee […]

Sweet Dreams

August 19, 2014


  I dreamed a dream in time gone by                               When hope was high and life worth living – Les Miserables   The dog days of August are arguably the most boring and typically, the hottest and often humid time of the year. The phrase ‘dog days’ was actually coined by the ancient Romans, who […]


January 7, 2014


  The State of Whitetail Nation     For most, when the term tribe appears the natural tendency is to think of Native Americans, the indigenous peoples of South America or even the little people of the Kalahari known as the Bushmen. However, as you are about to learn, each of us belong to and […]