Ask The Deer Tracker

June 13, 2017


June column   Editor’s note: Anyone wishing to send a question for future Ask The Deer Tracker posts can e-mail it to:   Q. – How often does a newborn fawn feed, what prevents it from crying when it is hungry, and how does the mother and fawn know each other when all fawns […]

Text Book – Double

May 30, 2017


  Killing two birds with one stone is an English language idiom meaning “realising two goals through one action”, be it by accident or by foresight and planning. Like the reverberations of a summer thunder storm, the echoes emanating from the continuous gobbling in the pre-dawn rolled across the atmosphere. The chorus of gobbles were […]

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The Plumage Fascination

May 16, 2017


  “Occasionally in life, as we flow along, we are presented with ideas or opportunities that alter our lives immediately and dramatically-the resumption of an academic career, a sudden change in occupation, the pursuit of some lurking artistic interest, or a consuming love affair. Unexpectedly, something presents itself that we know is exactly the thing […]

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Do Wild Turkeys Influence Quail or Grouse Populations

May 4, 2017


Do Wild Turkeys Influence Quail or Grouse Populations? (Side Bar to Fake News Turkeys of 5/2/17) Professor, Craig A. Harper, Institute of Agriculture, University of Tennessee Northern bobwhite and ruffed grouse populations have declined considerably in various areas over the past 20 years. At the same time, wild turkey populations have increased significantly. Without supporting […]

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Fake News – Turkeys

May 2, 2017


  There are though, strangely enough, stupid turkeys…Some of them, like a great many men you may have met, have a tendency to open their mouths too much. And, as with younger men, the younger turkeys sin principally in this respect. – Tom Kelly It seems, much like in our political climate, when it comes […]

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Spring Blossom

April 18, 2017


  Like the unfolding bloom of a delicate flower, which suddenly bursts forth without warning from its dormant bud, a baby fawn enters the world. The unblemished innocence of this new arrival invigorates a sense of vitality rooted in all of us. We are instantly captivated with the sight of it, watching in wonderment as […]

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Who Is Your Hunting Hero

April 4, 2017


          When guest blogger, Steve Sorensen, AKA “The Everyday Hunter” isn’t hunting, he’s thinking about hunting, talking about hunting, dreaming about hunting, writing about hunting, or wishing he were hunting. If you want to tell Steve exactly where your favorite hunting spot is, contact him through his website, He writes […]

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