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Knowing When Enough is Enough

July 6, 2021


    Your audience will let you know when it’s time to go. – Frank Sinatra     How do we determine when it is time to go? When have you written enough on a specific subject matter, the white-tailed deer in my case? How impactful is what you have to produce being on the […]

Getting Schooled by the Animals

June 22, 2021


  “Ask now the beasts, and they shall teach you; and the birds of the air, and they shall tell you.”  –  Job 12:7     I could hear her coming long before she vaulted into sight. Branches were snapping, and the thud of her hooves hitting the forest floor reverberated along the valley. Of […]

Great Mistakes – AKA, I’ve Blown It

April 13, 2021


      “None of the good hunters I have ever known blamed another man’s success for his own failures. Each admitted his own shortcomings and worked to improve them.”  Roger Rothhaar/Whitetail Magic       Making mistakes is how we learn. Lord knows I’ve made more than my fair share over the years. Without […]

A Deer Named Jed

March 16, 2021


  This here is a narrative from a deer named Jed, a big whitetail buck who’s trying to keep from being dead. With a size twelve hoof and gigantic rack, let’s find out what he thinks once he’s being tracked. And then one day when he was chasing a doe, from out of nowhere came […]

The Long Game

March 2, 2021


  “For us who are hunters, the need to engage nature firsthand is as powerful and as elemental as the need for food and comfort and sex. For us, engaging nature is to engage life itself. I do not roust myself out of a warm bed in freezing darkness and struggle through mud, water and […]

Whitetail Academia – Lessons from 5 Wilderness Bucks

February 16, 2021


  “Argument goes on endlessly as to whether all of a deer’s actions are instinctive responses to situations. It is the argument of ‘purposive actions’ verses ‘reflexive actions.’ Whatever camp you may be in is irrelevant. As far as I’m concerned, when a whitetail can make as many right choices as he is found to […]

Hunting Big Bucks in Close Quarters

February 2, 2021


  Although it makes for sensational reading when we learn of someone’s uncanny hunting exploits and their ability to sneak within spitting distance of an unsuspecting buck, seldom if ever is this accomplished solely on the basis of hunting prowess. – RGB     Dawn’s first light was a murky gray, diffused by fog and […]

Being Tracked ~ A Buck’s Perspective

January 5, 2021


  Our pursuers were swifter than the eagles in the heavens; they chased us on the mountains; they lay wait for us in the wilderness. – Lamentations 4:19     Whitetail deer have little ability to reason; their lives are lived in the here and now. The attributes they possess are the very defense mechanisms […]

Gone For The Day

October 27, 2020


    “I hoped it would reveal an exciting new outlet for those who find civilization’s artificial environment unfulfilling … and that it would motivate readers everywhere to pull on a pair of old shoes and go see for themselves the things that make a naturalist’s life so endlessly fascinating.”  – Ned Smith     […]

Hunting Bucks By The Moon – 2020 Rut Dates

October 13, 2020


“Try as we have to disprove the hypothesis that the full moon triggers breeding, we have not been able to reject it. We have disproved the hypothesis that moon                             position has any real effect on activity.”     Dr. James Kroll A full moon rising on the eastern horizon reflecting light from a quickly vanishing sun […]