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Hunting Bucks by the Moon

September 19, 2017


  “Try as we have to disprove the hypothesis that the full moon triggers breeding, we have not been able to reject it. We have disproved the hypothesis that moon position has any real effect on activity.” Dr. James Kroll     A full moon rising on the eastern horizon reflecting light from a quickly […]

Life from A Buck’s Perspective

September 5, 2017


  The ghost is the whitetail buck. See him before he sees you. Catch him if you can. Be prepared, for if you are not, this ghost will vanish… Right before your very eyes. – H L Daley   Initially, the flakes floated about in a sea of darkness, whimsically landing on a dormant countryside. […]

The Smartest Deer

August 22, 2017


  “Mother Nature in her infinite wisdom plots and schemes to replenish the earth with her creatures. The female of the species plays a major, even if subtle, part.” Kent Horner     I’m sure it would be quite surprising for a number of deer hunting enthusiasts to learn that the most discerning whitetail within […]

Buck Fight

August 8, 2017


The Five Most Dramatic Minutes of my Career     For each of us there are moments in our life, snap shots in time, that can never be forgotten; events that far exceed anything we could have imagined that leave a lasting impression. Every one of us has experienced a few of those special occurrences, […]

Do Deer Have Feelings?

June 27, 2017


  In the 1929 classic, Bambi, written by Felix Salten, anthropomorphism (the attribution of human characteristics to animals) was given to all of the animals within the story, a technique that was later popularized by Walt Disney. As an example of this we read the following excerpt:     “Now,” said Bambi’s mother. “Get away […]

Spring Blossom

April 18, 2017


  Like the unfolding bloom of a delicate flower, which suddenly bursts forth without warning from its dormant bud, a baby fawn enters the world. The unblemished innocence of this new arrival invigorates a sense of vitality rooted in all of us. We are instantly captivated with the sight of it, watching in wonderment as […]

The Humidity Factor

March 7, 2017


  Nobody is sneaking up on an unsuspecting buck without him knowing something is approaching. Slowly, ever so slowly, I crept along the trail of a huge buck. For the better part of the morning I’d been following his imprints left in the fresh blanket of snow. These seven inches under my boots permitted me […]