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Building A Quality Whitetail

June 18, 2019


  The title is really an oxymoron, we build houses, infrastructure, automobiles etc…but we don’t really have the ability to actually build a living, breathing deer. Although, there are those in the commercial deer farming business who would argue differently. In their drive to produce pen raised deer that score over 300-inches they have used […]

Can Women Save Hunting?

April 9, 2019


  “[Hunting] was going to be entirely different from anything I had tried before. It would be an experience, an insight into a man’s world and why many husbands spend autumn week-ends away from home.” – Courtney Borden     Maybe I’ve really stepped in it this time; any which way you slice this pie […]

On the Track of a Small Woods Buck

March 26, 2019


Guest Blogger, Thomas Waters shares with us an incredibly compelling tale of he and a buck, a special stag that led him to the experience you are about to enjoy.     My hunting season started like numerous years before, a borrowed gun with my fingers crossed for snow. My fiancée (now wife) worked as […]

Hype, Hoax or Harbinger – Is the Death of Deer Hunting on the Horizon?

March 12, 2019


  My belief is the hunting rhetoric formed 120 years ago is dead. Nostalgia and tradition will fail the politics of today. And our youth have no real desire to carry on. – forum comment, Brooks Johnson, co-founder of Double Bull Archery and Northern Pondlife   Prior to January of 2002, few if any deer […]

Gone For The Day

October 16, 2018


  It is this total silence that stirs your very soul with a deep sense of eerie loneliness. The absolute stillness brings you back vivid memories of past hunts, and you fully realize, that it is this very solitude that keys your anticipation and lures you back year after year. – Mer Speltz Change is […]

The Moon, Halloween, and Rutting Whitetails

October 2, 2018


  “Try as we have to disprove the hypothesis that the full moon triggers breeding, we have not been able to reject it. We have disproved the hypothesis that moon position has any real effect on activity.” Dr. James Kroll     A full moon rising on the eastern horizon reflecting light from a quickly […]

Addiction – Taking A Passion Too Far

September 18, 2018


  “In nature, everything moves in the direction of its hungers.” – A.W. Tozer     The white-tailed deer must eat. The one component in a deer’s life that drives its movements and patterns is primarily food. Find the food they are eating, and you’ll find the deer. While eating may not necessarily be classified […]