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What Matters Most?

June 8, 2021


  Greater love has no one than this, that someone lays down his life for his friends.  – John 15:13   Friends. We all have them, or at least we should. We have social media friends, and usually so many it is hard to keep track. I personally have over 2,500 hundred Facebook friends, most […]

A Turkey Hunter Comes Full Circle

May 24, 2021


  “As you go through life, you will see that there is so much that we don’t understand. And the only thing we know is that things don’t always go the way we plan.” – The Lion King     Isn’t it funny how things in life have a way of repeating themselves? Now I’m […]

The Allure of A Bird

May 10, 2021


  Some men suppose, probably judging by the domestic variety, that wild turkeys are dumb, and they don’t understand why others consider hunting them such fine sport. It’s because of its difficulty and uncertainty. It offers a challenge that only those naturally gifted with woods sense and patience can master. – Archibald Rutledge, Turkey Hunting […]

The Wary Warrior

April 27, 2021


  By Guest Blogger, Hart L. Daley     The turkey hunters exert painstaking effort, as they plan to embark on their quest to outwit the wary old mossy head. They enter their hunting area in stealth, under the cover of darkness. As they sit motionless in the slowly awakening morning light, the silence is […]

Scratchings From The Roost – A Collection of Stories From An Unforgettable 2020 Turkey Season

May 26, 2020


“Every hunter knows them – those days when fickle fate sees fit to shine, however briefly, on his efforts. Such fleeting moments we cherish for their magic, even as we stoically acknowledge that there will be other times which by comparison seem tragic. The resiliency and selectivity of the human mind is such that failures […]

I Am the Seductress

May 12, 2020


  “It might be me you hear whispering the promises that sound so sweet. They may be promises that will be broken.” – Walt Hampton, Broken Promises     Everyone enjoys a good plot, the drama that sucks us in and keeps us on the edge of our seats. As the tension thickens, each page […]

Hunting Old Tom, A Distinct Challenge

April 28, 2020


  “In the soft pink blush of sudden dawn, when the earth awakens around you, when you have carelessly forgotten yesterday’s transgressions and you seek to ruthlessly rule your world for another day, the undisputed king of all you know, it might be me you hear whispering the promises that sound so sweet. They may […]

Come Turkey Season Opener

May 21, 2019


  Any opener is special, exciting, anticipated and refreshing, no matter the sport or species. – RGB     I toss, turn and fidget expecting the alarm to be blaring at any moment. And trust me when I tell you, my Big Ben alarm has two huge bells that make it sound more like a […]

Ten Minutes of Fighting Fury

May 7, 2019


  I believe that, after all, an essential thrill is reserved for the man who hunts his game all alone in the wilderness. – Archibald Rutledge     It always astounds me when immersed in nature how the quietude of my surroundings can switch so quickly to raucous action. It is as if the script […]

Into The Mind Of A Turkey

April 23, 2019


  The apologies that precede discussions about wild turkey intelligence are definitely not warranted. I have never observed another animal making such a dedicated effort to know and to understand. – Joe Hutto – Illumination in The Flatwoods   Say what? Many would argue that it doesn’t take much to crack that nut. However, despite […]