A Turkey Kind of Spring

Posted on June 7, 2016



Outtakes from my 2016 Photo Journey


DSC_8364 copy


Permission to land please, over.


DSC_0227 copyDSC_7696 copy






DSC_0298 copy

Birds marching to the beat of their own drum.


DSC_3022 copy


Or flying to the beat of their wings.


DSC_0172 copy


An impromptu meeting under falling spring snow.


DSC_0791 copy


 DSC_4979 copy




DSC_8533 copy

Gobbling, lots and lots of gobbling.


DSC_0869 copy


All to find favor with the damsel.


DSC_0351 (2) copy


On the ground…


DSC_3652 copy


And in the air…


DSC_2502 copy


They’re coming to a female.


DSC_4081 copy


DSC_4082 copy





That hen can and does lead to fights.


DSC_4185 copy


But it also, to the victor, goes the rewards.




DSC_5004 copy





More searching


DSC_2363 copy


And certainly an increase of strutting one’s stuff.


DSC_7544 copy


DSC_7595 copy




DSC_7620 copy

The infighting intensifies.


DSC_5863 copy


Verbalization increases.


DSC_6132 copy


Hens are pursued with poetic romance.


DSC_5612 copy 


DSC_5674 copy





DSC_5710 copy

All for this…in the middle of the road.


DSC_5712 copy


Just to prove that no hen was hurt in the act of propagating the species.


DSC_2558 copy


Such a beautiful bird whether in flight,


DSC_4592 copy


DSC_4593 copy






Or on the ground,


DSC_6990 copy

 He’s a showman for sure.


DSC_0966 copy


DSC_1414 copy






With multiple colorful displays,


DSC_0920 copy


DSC_0922 copy






That even make for great book ends.


DSC_0443 (2) copy

 DSC_0786 (2) copy






By late May the fan-fare is all but over.


DSC_8865-2 copy


Until next Spring my friends, next Spring!

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