A Turkey Hunter’s Photo Journey

Posted on June 9, 2015



Today I take you on a two-month journey from spring 2015 during which time I shot more than 18,000 images of America’s grandest bird, the wild turkey. The following are a representation of that body of work along with a couple of birds I actually removed from the population. Enjoy the trip.




Winter was harsh, cold and terribly stubborn as even the most vocal gobbles couldn’t chase it away.




It seemingly just kept coming with spring time snow and cold.




However, these old gents were not going to let unseemly weather deter or get the better of them…




Any more than the youngster would.




The big attraction was the ladies, it was hens they were after.




And thus, the pecking order needed to be established.




And re-established, sometimes daily in every conceivable way.




As the battles ensued, I curiously wondered if the combatants would have any feathers left before it was all said and done…




…or a head and beak?




But, as the snow slowly melted so did also some of the rivalries with enough hens to satisfy all the participants.




Day after day, as light increased incrementally, the search for love continued.




All the energy of fanning, posturing and gobbling; just to insure propagation of the species.




Here we find a welcome respite for the girls who’ve been harassed and chased relentlessly.




And a little play time for a couple of Jakes.




No way to overt creating a traffic jamb as the old gent courts his gal.




And I must say, he comes dressed to kill.




As hens begin the process of sitting on egg filled nests, the gate keepers are lonely at about the time turkey season begins.




The month of May is a lovely transitional period when everything, flora & fauna springs back to life.




A time when hunters test their skill and cunning on these big birds.




And to the victor goes the spoils with thanksgiving carried over his shoulder.




It is also a time of reflection on what has passed.




Along with what is about to transpire, wasn’t sure if this old boy wanted a lift in my pick-up.




And music of spring continues to reverberate throughout turkey country.




As he flies off and back into the forest wilds.




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