A Tribute To My Faithful Friend

Posted on May 16, 2013




It seemed like only yesterday, even though 12-years have since passed that we excitedly brought you home as an 8-week old pup. You were loyal and loving regardless of circumstance. Gently, yet high-spirited. I spoke about you a lot. In fact, you are probably more responsible for deer hunters learning the art of aging tracks than any other analogy that I’ve ever used.

Yesterday was difficult-emotionly tough-downright heart wrenching. It is never easy to let go, never simple to say good bye knowing that your friend will not be in his usual spot tomorrow morning…or ever again. Knowing that I will not be greeted with that familiar tail wag, excited, turn yourself inside out body language and exuberant howl that you learned from the beagle will be sorely missed.

It seems paradoxical that I as a hunter, who has vanquished deer, bear, moose and turkeys over the past 45-years, someone that has witnessed and been the administer of those animal’s death knell could weep and feel such anquish at your departure. But cry I did; long, hard and uncontrollably. You see, to me you were not just another animal, not just a dog; you were part of our family, a valued faithful friend.

As a tribute to the 12 wonderful years of unconditional friendship you provided, I say good-bye to you my friend through the poetry of Virginia Ellis.


Good-Bye, My Friend

Oh, little friend, do you recall
When you made this house your home?
You were just a ball of fluff,
Not even halfway grown.

You stumbled when you learned to walk,
It was hard to steer four legs.
You learned to sit, and stay, and come,
And, of course, you learned to beg.

You loved those walks we used to take,
You never left my side.
And if I got my car keys out
You were ready for a ride.

You sensed when I was happy,
Or was feeling kind of low,
You’d rub up against my knee,
You always seemed to know.

You’d fetch a ball or get a toy,
Without even being told.
But, was your face crestfallen,
If I felt the need to scold

You found the outside world exciting,
Do you remember your first snow?
You’d not come back inside the house,
Because you loved it so.

Going to the Vet for Shots,
I guess was your greatest fear.
You seemed to know each scheduled date,
Though you went but once a year.

You were afraid of lightning, too,
And of booming thunderstorms.
You’d run and jump upon my bed,
Where it was safe and warm.

I never once felt lonely
As long as you were here.
You were at my feet or on my lap
You constantly were near.

Oh, I am going to miss you,
No question about that.
But little one, for your pain to go,
I had to send you back.

You’re going back to heaven now
From whence long ago you came.
You’ll be welcomed back by God, Himself,
Who knows your doggy-name.

I think there’s Frisbees up in heaven,
And rubber squeaky toys.
And angels who will play with you,
And little girls and boys.

But, there won’t be any thunderstorms,
And no Vets with shots up there.
You won’t even need a leash
You’ll run freely in God’s air.

And when my time on earth is done,
And at Heaven’s Gate I’m near,
I don’t want any harps or horns,
Just………… happy barks to hear.

So, see you later, little friend,
I’m glad you’re now pain-free.
And I’m glad you’re sitting next to Jesus,
Now…. you wait right there for me.

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