Into The Turkey Woods

Posted on June 5, 2012


“Raw experience is empty, just as empty in the forecastle of a whaler as in a chamber of a counting house; for it is not what one does, but in a manifold sense, what one realizes that keeps existence from being vain and trivial.”   – Lewis Mumford


My 2012 Photographic Journey

The iridescent colors of a fully displayed male turkey back-dropped by spring’s vibrant tapestry serve as a reminder of nature’s boundless beauty.

Springtime is ushered in not necessarily by what we see, but what can be heard.

The male of the species begins his relentless pursuit of love.

His search takes him far and wide in an effort to locate the object of his affection.

The finely feathered beauty that with all of her female charms, coaxes, tantalizes and with flirtatious gestures, often tortures her pursuant.

In an effort to win her affection these knights of the wood will strut prodigiously,

Gobble vigorously,

And vainly display their regal splendor.

With an eye on the prize and seemingly within his grasp,

others within the flock with beady eyes searching for the same object of their self-display march forth.

As he attempts to serenade the fair maiden, the younger and less patient males race in to thwart his passionate rondaveaux.

Not to be denied, the big old Tom prepares to meet his challengers.

As feathers literally fly, the fight is loud, long and vicious.

But as all skirmishes go, there is always a victor.

And to that winner goes the spoils of the victory.


The pair has now found a hidden lair to prepare the instinctual duty of propagating the species.

The ritual of love is culminated by these two forest lovers.


Although the peanut gallery will continue to squawk,

They are relegated to grandstand seating and will have to wait until next year.

With spring now fully blossomed,

The gobbler continues in his pursuit of other potential mates.

Hens that have yet to be bred that are perhaps coyly waiting for yet another colorful display.

A display that certainly is not disappointing.

And the onward march continues for the tireless Tom.

Searching for what ultimately will become his final reunion of the spring.

America’s greatest game bird, may he continue to romance us each spring as we travel into the turkey woods.

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