The Deer Tracker Revamped – Sort Of…

Posted on August 9, 2011


 If it ain’t broke, don’t try to fix it!

However, you’d be a fool not to trade up for something that works far superior!

And here he stands, the deer tracker, ready to do
battle with the sliest and most cunning of all nature’s children, the
magnificent white-tailed deer. He is dressed from head to toe in his
traditional woolen uniform, cinched around his waist is a well-worn leather
cartridge belt on which is stored extra shells, knife and a length of cord used
for a drag rope. His accoutrements are simple and few only carrying what are
needed to get the job done. His need to go light and disdain for the tomfoolery
of gadgetry limits the burden of what he has to lug. A compass, lighter,
kerchief to mop his brow, and a few small victuals easily fit into the pockets
of his attire. Upon his feet are worn a light pair of waterproof boots that supply
him with comfort, warmth and the required pliability necessary to Comanche up
to within spitting distance of his quarry.

Much has changed since those early days of me chasing
whitetails with just the bare essentials needed to get the job done. Perhaps it’s
because I’m getting older, maybe wiser, some may debate that last one, but when
given the choice I’ll opt for comfort over discomfort every time. Indeed, I
still chase after monster bucks in remote wilderness forests, and continue to
do so with reckless abandon, but I do it with much different attire.

No longer do I wear a white cotton tee shirt that
within the first two-hours wicked up all of my perspiration and left me wet for
the rest of the day. If and when I stopped for any length of time, quickly I
would get chilled, and if the wind kicked up, I’d be darn near froze to death.
The trouble was, that was all that was available back when. Now, if you’re wet
from perspiration it’s your fault because there are a number of base layer
products available to wick away the moisture and keep you dry and comfortable.

Yes, I still don my woolen attire, but beneath my
outer shell of wool I’m layered with what I consider some of the best products
designed to keep me both warm and dry, even under the nastiest of conditions.


Staying dry from the inside out – the key to
enjoying (and maybe surviving) outdoor fun.
we go outside to play, we need to dress for the worst weather, while being
prepared for the best, no matter what time of year.

All Year Gear 365’s underwear

with everything, we start with the core. All the waterproofing in the world
can’t help, if you’re soaking wet from the inside out. New for 2011: Polarmax performance underwear keeps you dry, fresh and comfortable from the inside, so
that great outerwear can keep you dry from the outside, and your hunt, hike,
backpacking trip, etc… is more comfortable, more enjoyable, and yes, safer.
MSRP $19.95-$34.95

Comp 4 Fleece base layers

long days and nights in uncertain weather conditions, don’t be left out in the
cold. Polarmax Comp 4 Fleece has a super soft brushed interior for comfort and
supreme warmth, and a smooth technical face that easily slides under other
layers and is wind and water resistant. MSRP $49.95-$69.95

100% %
made in USA

Due to the fact that I track whitetails, I’m covering a lot of ground,
miles per day through some of the toughest terrain the wilderness has to offer;
swamps, streams, ridges and beaver meadows just to name a few. In order to do
this effectively, day after day I not only need a great boot, but socks that
are just as good. Wet, sweaty feet will make you feel colder faster than
perspiration on any other part of your body. I shudder when I think back to
those days of wearing all rubber boots with a wool sock over thin cotton inners.
Again, youth and the lack of a better option was what kept me going as
uncomfortable as it was. If given that to be my only choice today and having
experienced the discomfort it afforded, I would opt to go barefoot; at least my
feet wouldn’t sweat.

Fortunately, for the last dozen years I’ve worn Muck boots, the best on
the market as far as I’m concerned, and along with a silk sock liner, I now
wear socks that continuously keep my feet dry, warm and happy. I have learned
that ‘Happy Feet’ get you to where you need to go, day after day.


Blister-free feet, all season long. Feet get sweaty, especially in when you’re working hard and walking
miles at a time. That’s when blisters develop. Dahlgren Footwear Alpaca/Merino
socks with patented moisture management keep your feet dry, comfortable and
blister free, even when trapped in a non-breathable leather/rubber boot.

Dri-Stride® technology actively moves moisture off the foot, and then up, out
of the shoe/boot and up the leg of the sock to where it is exposed to air and
can evaporate. Alpaca is also incredibly durable and silky soft, wash after
wash, even if you’re washing them in the sink.


To this day I continue to travel as light as possible while tracking
big bucks. I’ve added a GPS to my load, a miniature kid’s backpack that holds
my camera (never go anywhere without the camera) a bottle of water and my
lunch, which consists of a sandwich, apple and a great new trail snack that
beats a candy bar three ways to Wednesday. These snack not only provide much
needed sustenance while on the track, but provide all of the essential
ingredients my body requires due to the rigorous workout I go through each day
on the track.


Real Food, Real Energy. Based in the shadow of the Teton mountain range, Kate’s Real Food bars
are designed to work in harmony with nature. Minimal processing so you get the
real taste and benefits of whole ingredients you can actually pronounce.

bars fill you up and burn slowly, providing all day energy with a mix of
protein, carbs and good fats. And unlike salami and cheese, Kate’s bars offer a
different taste with every bite and never turn into a slimy ball of extra
weight. Five flavors: Grizzly Bar, Tram Bar, Caz.Bar, Handle Bar, Stash Bar.
MSRP $2.29-$2.99


Although the new school may love its gear and gadgets, I only use what
I know to be tried (by me) and true, (I know it works) am reluctant to change
and will do so only when something comes along that is better than what I’m
already using. These products meet that criterion and more.

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