The Two Best Hunting Videos – Ever!

Posted on June 21, 2011


The Essence of Hunting


“The thing that cements the love of a man for his
carpet of leaves and his ceiling of stars is the knowledge that just being
involved is enough. There is no score worth keeping. All we should ever count
is hours, never birds, nor length of antler or hits or misses. If we want to do
something where we can’t lose, then we must accept the proposition that we
cannot win. We are not involved in a contest, but a very simple and pure
journey that promises each day will be different, unrepeatable, and
unrecapturable. Each time is unique. If there is anything of value to be
entered in the log, let’s leave it at a series of impressions. A day without
deer is a day spent in delicious solitary thought, a day that might bring you
closer to understanding the infinite mystery of it all.”    –  Gene Hill

Hunting is as old as man himself.
It is not a game that can be won, it’s a game that must be played and how you
play that game will determine your ultimate satisfaction. Sadly, there are far
too many participants that have either never experienced hunting in the truest
sense or, for those that once tasted its insipid pleasure, have relinquished it
for a cheap imitation offering greater odds of success, and a much simpler and
less challenging adventure. This recent shift was not always the case as the
late George Mattis wrote back in 1969,

“There was a time when the American hunter lived
closer to the environment of his quarry than he now does. Because the hunt
served him some practical and obvious end, he looked upon woods lore as the
tool of his profession. Such a man was ever conscious of the simple phenomena
in his outdoor living. He was quick to observe a change in wind direction, was
aware of the moon’s phases, could interpret tomorrow’s weather by today’s
sunset. He sensed when his game was flighty and when it was restful and calm,
and he knew how the weather affected the movement of wildlife.”

Today, with a generation that has grown up watching
Outdoor TV, and countless hunting videos that are segmented to show as many
kills as possible, the ease in which this is accomplished using the sponsors
products has led to the illusion that hunting doesn’t have to be taxing. But,
is total fulfillment gained just by the act of killing something regardless how
it was bagged? In his book, Tenth Legion, Tom Kelly writes the following on
this very topic,

“…observe closely the set of the head and the expression around the eyes-especially around the eyes as they draw their stand
numbers before the hunt. Now think back.

They exhibit precisely the same expressions and
exactly the same behavior patterns that you saw in soldiers standing in line
before G.I. (brothels) during World War Two. It forces you to the inescapable
conclusion that the thought processes of the two groups are as alike as their
facial expressions. Neither group has any interest in, nor the time for, the
thrill of the chase. They demand, and are willing to pay for, guaranteed

Their kind of deer hunting guarantees success.
Somebody is surely going to kill one…”

Mattis continues the discourse adding further substantiation to the matter,

“The serious hunter willingly footed a backwoods trail during inclement weather, or kept a lonely
surveillance over a deer runway till dusk because he knew here were his best
chances for seeing a deer. In short, his success as a provider of game for the
table depended upon knowledge gained from his personal experiences in the

Because wild game for food no longer plays a great role in our economy, much acquired outdoor lore has
been lost to the modern hunter. The hunt now takes on a totally new
significance in our urbanized society; it has become primarily a much need
recreation for a large sector of our outdoor-minded population.

Skyscrapers and asphalt are not the answer to the man seeking final contentment. He yearns for a plot
of green, an untrammeled scenic view, or a mere glimpse of wildlife. We are
still properly creatures of the outdoors, but we have become enmeshed in the
intricate machinery of modern economics, and we find it difficult to escape its
demands upon us.”

In a recent editorial by Mike Schoby in Petersen’s Hunting titled, Forgetting Fair Chase, Mike states,
“Fair chase has been popular in this country for more than a century, but
recently, I think some hunters are forgetting it. Last fall I shared an elk
camp with several hunters-all good people and what I would consider sportsmen.
However, all had a fatal flaw, and it’s one I only hope they can grow out of
with time and experience. It’s a flaw that they didn’t come by on their own,
but through outdoor television indoctrination.

All were enamored with a particular television show that promotes long range hunting. These so-called
expert hosts profess killing big game at extreme distances. The devoted,
Kool-Aid-drinking fans were relative novices and were learning how difficult
big-game hunting is. Essentially, they were looking for an easier way to be

Instead of walking the ridges, breathing in the autumn air, stretching their legs and listening in the
hollows for the sounds of bugling elk, these hunters sat on high promontories
all day with rifles on tripods glassing the far hills and hoping an elk would
emerge-missing much of the reason for hunting elk in the first place.”

Seriously, despite what is depicted on TV, hunting is far more than 23-minutes of spliced up footage that
predominantly features the hunter succeeding. It is more than whispering,
high-fives, pretty girls with designer duds and pink fletching. It certainly
can be accomplished without the seemingly endless arsenal of products
guaranteed to make you successful.

Little could Mattis have realized how prophetic his words would become when he penned them over four-decades ago,

“We are still a frontier people seeking new lakes and better hunting grounds… We
strongly need to cultivate an aesthetic appreciation of our remaining
wilderness – the deep, shaded forest, sedge-filled marshlands, sphagnum
moss-carpeted cold bogs, wooded hills, the mountains and the desserts. Man,
pressed on all sides in this world of regimentation, never so needed the tonic
of an undisciplined outdoors where the tinkle of a waterfall, the bloom of a
dessert plant, or the hooting of an owl ease the mind of nagging cares.”

The most refreshing news we have, and in stark contrast with what is currently
available on the video market today is in the Wensel brothers, Gene &
Barry’s video productions. Their just released sequel, Essential Encounters
comes on the heals of the first video, Primal Dreams.

The Wensels are certainly not strangers to the whitetail hunting fraternity, but
what sets them apart from most of their peers is in their conviction to produce
something so real, transcendent and lasting, which embodies the true spirit and
passion of the hunter.

In Gene’s own narrative he declares, “The ritual of the chase is as old as man
himself. If it’s not challenging it is done only to feed the ego.” He then goes
on to state what the true essence of hunting actually is.

“Why we hunt is far more important than where, when, or how. Hunting for the right
reasons is much more important than the act itself – it defines fair chase –
our level of passion – our future – our very existence.”

Both videos combined are more than four-hours of pure nature, hunting as it was
meant to be with a reverence and romance for both the hunt and the hunted. In
my opinion these two videos are, without question the best hunting productions
I have ever had the pleasure to watch and enjoy, and that’s saying something
coming from a guy who is in the business. I would encourage anyone that has
ever taken up a weapon in pursuit of wild game to obtain both Primal Dreams and
Essential Encounters. The journey will be priceless, educational,
enjoyable and life-changing…they are that good.


Primal Dreams – Share the adventure of the great outdoors as it should be seen and
felt. Experience spectacular scenery, rare wildlife footage and the thrill of
the chase in this two-hour epic journey of magnificent splendor, filmed entirely
in the wilds of North America. Feel the romance and beauty of true outdoor
passion, seen through the eyes of seasoned woodsmen. Years in the making,
Primal Dreams is much more than a hunting video-it is a testimony of freedom.
Join us for the substance of our being.



Essential Encounters – There comes a time when the beauty of simplicity overrides
technology. Many of the fine things in life are among the easiest to enjoy, yet
are often discarded in a rush for achievement. A real connection to the outdoors
gets diluted by those hurrying their accomplishments. The true meaning of God,
nature, and the circle of life lies right before our eyes. Traditional values,
family participants, simple pleasures, and a respect for wildlife are
essentials. The romance of the hunt is paramount to a quality outdoor
experience, with memories and dreams being among our most cherished


Both Wensel/Mitten Productions are available for $20.00 @ piece and can be purchased at: