The Turkey’s Spring – A Photographic Journey

Posted on June 14, 2011


Springtime in the Turkey Woods




A Photographic Journey of the Wild Turkey






A turkey’s spring starts much earlier than green grass, flowers and even baseball.






Everything in the turkey world is all about ‘strutting your stuff.’





And when egos collide, beards &spurs are sure to fly.





All of this Tom-foolery is really only about one interest.




 An interest that has smitten more than one bearded gentleman.




It is the seductive allure of a fair temptress that brightens his head and puts a ‘spit & drum’ in his step.




From the root to the ground his gobbles can be heard resonating throughout his domain.









 “Some men suppose…that wild turkeys are dumb, and they don’t understand why others
consider hunting them fine sport. It’s because of its difficulty anduncertainty.

 It offers a challenge that only those naturally gifted with woods sense and great patience can master.”

                                        Archibald Rutledge – Tales of Turkeys




In tandem, the male with their rich, iridescent plumage and fanned out tail-feathers will display themselves as if they were being auctioned off to the highest bidder.






The ritual continues daily from the rising of the sun,




To the continual and constant gobbling reminder echoed to a willing mistress,




 Until love is finally found – once again.




 This is indeed America’s greatest game bird.




A tailor-made aristocrat that I’m happy to share the springtime woods with.




As the music of gobbles fades into summer and fans bid me ado, it is now I lament
– until next spring my bearded men…




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